7.1 Plans for QTCON issuance

  • 60 billion QTCON will be issued in total

  • QTCON - Centralized Issuance System

  • For the Quiz Mining Reward, we deposit a certain amount of rewards on Reward Pool

  • QTCON raise marketing budgets through QTCON private-sale. The marketing budget will be used for establishment of our foreign branches in Philippines and other countries, service promotions and operation costs for the Quiztok.

  • The scale of the token sale is 10% of the total issuance, 6 billion coins. They will be sold on private-sale.

No.Wallet ClassificationNotes


Internal Team

Payments to early founding investors in the platform ecosystem


Reward Pool

Payments as rewards for participation in the platform's ecosystem and activities to maintain the ecosystem



Reserves are used to pay for development, operations, marketing, and other expenses of the platform ecosystem.



For promoting, partnering, donating, and securing social welfare dollars to expand the ecosystem


Private Sale

Used as an initial cost to develop and operate the platform ecosystem


Advisor & Contributor

Paying advisors and platform ecosystem contributors

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