5.2 Reasons for using the block chain system

1️⃣Transparency for the reward transaction

Transaction of rewards are saved and preserved in the block chain system so that every participant’ rewards are guaranteed with safety. Also, records of donation and sponsoring are saved in the block chain with transparency so that everyone can check records of them at any time.

2️⃣ Protection and inspection for creative works

Quiz contents created by quiz creators will be saved in the block chain storage and they will be verified for their authenticity. This can protect creators’ property rights and manage creators’ histories in the platform with transparency.

As we protect property rights of creators, it motivates works of creations and enhances mutual trust between users and the platforms.

3️⃣ Transparency for analysis of advertising effects

Since records of Ad exposure is saved in the block chain, advertisers can always check on their Ad executions and effects with analyzed data.

While traditional advertising markets often leave distrust to advertisers because their advertising execution are not transparent. However, the block chain-based Quiztok platform's advertising system can ensure transparent advertising transactions to maintain a reliable ad ecosystem.

4️⃣ Digital Contracts about Reward Algorithms

Reward algorithms is based and executed on the decentralized block chain system and they are saved in digital contract to operate automatically.

Quiztok platform is run by Algorithms saved in digital contracts and original digital contracts will be modified for the betterment of its ecosystem under the agreement of users.

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