10. Subjects of exemption

This document is made to provide ideologies and technical structures of Quiztok ecosystems for individuals who are interested in QTCON.

To write down the information in this document, Quiztok team is always making reasonable efforts on reviewing technical details and updating latest information in this document. But it doesn’t mean that Quiztok team ensures every detail of documents to be perfect or precise.

The content of this document doesn’t have any legal obligation or binding power as the standard of this document were based on the time of writing the document. Therefore, Quiztok team doesn’t have legal responsibility for any damages caused by the use or non-use of the information or the inaccurate and incomplete information written in this document. In addition, Quiztok team is not responsible for any actions of using this document for other purposes but providing information.

If there is a misunderstanding in the interpretation of this document, the latest version of the Korean document has priority over other interpretations of this document. However, this should not be understood as having legal responsibility for the content of the Korean document. Nothing related to Quiztok ecosystem written in this document shall be provided to any third party without prior consent of the Quiztok team.

If the terms or expressions for the exemption of legal liability written on this document are against law, the terms or expressions will remain ineffective until revisions, but the rest will remain effective.

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