4. Marketing analysis

4.1. Quizzes

The craze for mobile live quiz show has arisen in Korea right after China. In a mobile live quiz show, players solve 10-12 quizzes within fixed time and winners will share rewards. This service was originated from “HQ Trivia” in the U.S. in August 2017. The “HQ Trivia” quiz show was very popular in the U.S. with 2 million concurrent users participating in the show. “Millions’ winer”, a mobile live quiz show, produced in china in December 2017 also gained enormous popularity with its 3million concurrent users and the show has been grown rapidly with its quiz services. Quiz shows and quiz Apps has always been popular throughout the world.

4.2 Advertising

According to a survey released by the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), the online ad market for 2017 was worth 4.42 trillion won, ranked the first among other ad media.According to a survey about internet users, 90 percent of respondents said they were willing to consume ads for using free contents. As opportunities for media content markets has expanded through interactive advertising, investment in online and digital advertising has been grown over the years.

4.3 Sponsoring, Donation

Every year, individuals and companies are collecting money for donation almost equivalent amount to revenue of Hyundai Motor Company. Especially, K-pop, K-drama and other K cultures have become a central form of cultures with its popularity. As celebs make a donation with their profits from albums, fan clubs also started making a donation in their celebs’ names. Forms of donation are very different and wide and this phenomenon has given a great positive influence to the public

4.4 Competition Analysis

“Jam Live” from Snow company (Subsidiary company of Naver) and “The Quiz Live” from NBT has similar structures with Quiztok."The Quiz Live" is characterized by its quick executive abilities and ideas. Its strategy is to create 'Korean Mobile Quiz Show' that is different from traditional quiz formats by using various methods.

"Jam Live," a mobile quiz show run by Snow, has collaborated with "Olive Young", “Coca-Cola” and other famous brands in its quiz shows. It achieved big success and attracted large number of users by giving out hints of quizzes on famous Facebook pages and putting product information in quizzes to reinforce advertising effect.

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