5.1 The block chain ideology and QTCON

Block chain system is different from centralized method that few controls everything. It means that it’s open for

everyone and every participant manage the entire system. It’s a system that represents structure of democracy.

There are already existing E-money similar to Tokens. E-money is managed by companies that issued it and used as gift cards. The key difference between E-money and Token is that E-money price will not change because of the market change.

It’s not desirable for issuance of companies to take control of Tokens, they should act as a single player among many others in the huge economic area. If we exchange users’ Tokens with products, Tokens will become nothing more than E-money.

Tokens’ key structures are mainly composed of 3 elements,

First, it needs to be based on the block chain system

Second, Tokens’ value change based on the market

Third, it’s desirable for Token issuers to participate as a single player in new economic areas.

Quiztok Tokens are issued and structured by following ideologies.

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