1. Overview

Mobile Quiz Platform QUIZTOK

Quiztok is based on blockchain quiz reward platform

Everyone can create and play the quiz in everywhere.

A knowledge sharing platform based on quiz contents.

‘In Quiztok, we ask and answer questions.’

‘In Quiztok, we ask questions we want to know.’

‘In Quiztok, we share what we know with each other.’

Quiztok filters, refines and compresses scattered knowledge and information in forms of quiz contents. It’s a knowledge sharing platform where everyone can share their questions and answers.

Also, Quiztok is a knowledge sharing platform where everyone can ask and answer questions to one another and learn from each other.

For quiz creators, a quiz is a tool to deliver compressed knowledge to others. Quiz players can solve and share refined knowledge created by quiz creators.

Quiztok provides quiz creators, quiz players and quiz curators QTCON as rewards to realize practical value of sharing knowledge.

A decentralized knowledge sharing platform based on the block chain system

Quiztok is a decentralized knowledge sharing platform where users become creators, players of quizzes and consumers of advertising contents based on the block chain system.

Also, we provide decentralized Ad systems that users can pay QTCON to upload their Ads on quizzes.

At the end, participants share rewards based on their activities as content creators and consumers, Ad creators and consumers.

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