3.3.2 Quiz rewards

1️⃣ Rewards for quiz creators

Quiz creators can receive reward points if their quizzes are solved by other users. The more solved a quiz is, the more points the question's creator is rewarded. Quizzes with more "likes" get more exposure and more chances to be solved, giving the creator a chance for additional rewards.

2️⃣ Rewards for quiz players

Quiz players receive points when they take a quiz and select the correct answer. The number of reward points assigned to a quiz depends on the quiz type, time to solve, and ad type. Users are told how many points are assigned to a quiz before they take it.

3️⃣ Curation rewards

Curation rewards are rewards paid to intermediaries who curate quizzes and distribute them to other users.

The role of curators is very important in that they share informative and valuable quiz content to other users. However, typical social network services do not reward content curators.

The QUIZTOK platform service solves this problem by rewarding curators and enables the consumption of quiz content to grow at a rapid pace.

Like quiz creators, quiz curators earn points when users solve the quizzes they share.

The more solves for a single brokered quiz, the more points the question creator and curator are rewarded. Quizzes that get a lot of "likes" get more exposure and have more opportunities to be solved, giving creators and curators a chance at additional rewards.

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