3.3.1 QTCON reward systems

Quiztok users are mainly consisted of ①quiz creators ②quiz players ③quiz curators.

We define the process of converting points on the Quiztok platform into QTCON as an 'exchange'.

Rewards based on users’ activities will be given as points at first. If you gain a certain amount of points (ex. 10,000points), you can exchange your points with QTCONs.

Points redemption formula: ((Points redeemed - redemption fee) * Reward percentage ) / QTCON 3-day closing average price

  • Reward percentage: the country-specific reward standard per point

  • Closing price: the day's closing price for QTCON trades on the exchange

Quiztok users can change the settings to exchange their points with QTCON and it equally applies to all users by a Smart Contract with its block chain system.

Users can play different roles in the platform and receive reward points based on their activities.

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